Day 46: 15-day countdown is on

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IMG_0358The 15-day countdown on the end of duck season is beginning. It doesn’t seem like it was but a few weeks ago when the 60-day season started. But here we are, heading into the “fourth quarter”. The east zone second split began Dec. 16 and runs through Jan. 28.

Duck hunting is pretty good. Hunting Sunday was good. There were a lot of hunters out in the region, probably because there are a lot of ducks and also because it’s gonna freeze up big time the next couple of days. There are a lot of teal still in the area and gadwall as well. A mixed bag for most hunters includes a few greenheads as well. Some spots have a lot of mallards. We’ve still got tons of geese.

Look for some deep water areas the next couple of days after Monday. We are in for a few deep freeze days Tuesday and Wednesday. Hunters may have to resort to going later in the day as well so it can thaw a bit. The last time this happened, the ducks laid up in big water and then started flying closer to mid day.

Keep that in mind if hunting is slow early. Be safe and stay dry out there.