Day 46: Getting a few; look what’s coming…

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We definitely have more ducks than we’ve had all season, but they are still scattered with the water. A couple of our guys went out this morning and got seven and saw a bunch of ducks flying. The clouds made it tough to get them to work. But we heard good reports from several people. It’s still hit or miss, but more hits these days than before. Some are hammering them now.

We went chasing deer one more time this morning, but starting tomorrow, we are locking down on the ducks the next two weeks. Hard to believe there are only two weeks left. We had something happen this morning that I’ve never seen. We saw five deer, but we also saw five bobcats. They were roaming around all over the place. I’ve never seen that many bobcats in the woods. Strange.

Here’s an interesting take on the upcoming weather that will definitely impact our last week of duck hunting. Could make it great, or it could send us scrambling for the fireplace. There’s a guy named SnowbirdBob that does pretty accurate long-range forecasts. There should finally be a ton of ducks heading down in front of this if he’s right. Here’s what he posted on Facebook today.

Good Morning Everyone, Who is Ready for a Major Pattern Change and the Potential for lots of Winter Weather? If you are.. you will be excited. If you’re not ready, you may want to head for Southern Florida or California.” Map below:

Screen Shot 2019-01-13 at 8.55.32 PM