Day 46: Time flies when you are having fun

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Screen Shot 2017-01-15 at 4.18.52 PMFor duck hunters, the old adage time flies when you are having fun might better be said, “time flies when the ducks are flying, too!”

We’ve had a great season so far and most of us have killed more ducks to date already than the whole season last year. This weekend we still had a good many ducks flying in the area, but it wasn’t as good as it was a few weeks back. Still, a lot of folks who worked for them got limits.

We went on a little trip out of town and missed this weekend, but I’m anxious to get back in the blind as often as I can the next two weeks. Stay tuned to the daily Simmons’ Sporting Goods Duck Report to see what’s going on down the homestretch.

If you haven’t been doing that well the past few years, at least you know it could be worse. The report below is from last season’s  Simmons’ Duck Report about the same time frame near the end of  2015-16  duck hunting

Screen Shot 2017-01-15 at 4.23.32 PM