Day 47: A great day and…then…

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screen-shot-2017-01-01-at-7-08-18-pmMonday was a great day. Lots of ducks and they were on the move. We didn’t have much wind, but there continue to be new ducks in the area and they work fairly well. We’ve still got a good mix of teal, gadwall and mallard ducks. Tons of flight ducks are still heading south ahead of the massive cold front. Duck hunting up north of us has pretty much slowed to a standstill with the freezing temperatures and ice.

Monday night’s cold front will freeze up many areas and that will continue through Tuesday and into Wednesday if the forecast is correct. The precipitation will be over, but it won’t get above freezing to thaw everything out. A lot of folks we talked to were really looking forward to Monday and there is a chance it won’t be frozen up Tuesday morning too bad, but travel conditions for hunters could be hazardous.

Enjoy the ducks. Be careful out there. And stay warm and dry.