Day 47: All in all, not bad

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screen-shot-2016-09-20-at-11-10-20-amIt was it or miss the past couple of days for duck hunters in our area, but overall, it wasn’t bad considering the weather. In fact, hunting has still been pretty good for some folks. You wouldn’t think duck hunting would be that good with temperatures up in the 70’s, but it could’ve been a lot worse.

Some of the guys that hunt with us had 24 ducks by 7:30 Monday and 20 of the 24 were teal. A lot of people are shooting teal. That is a good sign. When ducks start coming back from down south, the teal usually lead the way. Tuesday looks like it’s going to be rain-soaked, but if it isn’t too bad, we’ll try it in the morning. I’ve killed ducks in hot weather before and also in between rains, so if it isn’t storming too bad, it might be a good day. I’m hoping that we’ll still get a few more ducks down from up north the last two weeks of the season. We should also continue to get a few back up from south of here. That’s been happening the last few days.

Stay on top of them and make the most of it. We don’t have long left. Enjoy and stay safe.