Day 47: It felt like a Monday

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On good days in the duck blind, we never want the season to end. But there are some days when, to be honest, we kind of glance ahead and are motivated only by the fact that we have only a few days left. Monday was that way.  And for many hunters, that is the way it is right now. Things are slow. There are some ducks being shot, but success is spotty and there aren’t as many folks hunting as there would be if there were more ducks. There are still lots of geese, but some days they work better than others.

The clock is ticking. Pull out all your favorite tricks. Redo the decoy spread. Brush the blind, maybe even find a spot to hunt that has been left alone for a while.  Things could be worse, but they could be better. Sorry we don’t have a better report today, but it is what it is. No wonder nobody likes Mondays.

Be safe out there.