Day 47: Lonesome duck

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It was not good today. I mean really not good. On the positive side, we made a really, really good shot on a teal that was really a little bit too far to shoot at. One lonesome teal. It was the only duck we got to shoot at. Oh my. That isn’t good news.

We sure aren’t wasting many shells. I’m telling you, I thought it would be better today. We had a lot of birds on the farm, but they are just gone. The weatherman said it was going to be clear this morning, but it wasn’t. Can’t blame the duck hunting on him, though. I don’t have anything good to stay except we will try again. Very few people are even hunting. It’s kind of sad. Up north of us, it’s snowing in St. Louis, but it hasn’t even frozen in Detroit, Michigan. I’ve heard there is still water in Canada that hasn’t frozen solid. That’s unheard of. We had a fellow in the store that had been hunting up in North Dakota on Dec. 20 and they killed a limit of mallards. But it hadn’t even frozen over up there. I’m beginning to wonder if they are even going to come down here before the season is over.

That weather prediction for this weekend is looking promising to drive some more birds down here. We’ll just have to wait and see.