Day 48: A little more action

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We saw tons of ducks coming back into the area. A large number of them were pintails and they have apparently been hunted heavily because they wouldn’t work like I wanted them to. They would get close, but all they had to do was flare their wings and that huge wind would blow them out of shooting range pretty quickly.

We had to stay a while, but we had 17 among four hunters. We could have gotten our limit, but as I said earlier, some of them got out of there too fast to get good shots at. We also had several that just flat snuck in on us while we were leaning back in the blind. It was 30 degrees, IMG_0331but that wind made if feel like it was 17 or 18.  We also got five specklebelliess and could have had more if we could have shot like we are supposed to.

We enjoyed it. It was a good day. I’m hearing the same from several other hunters. I think it will continue to get better in the coming days as we thaw out as long as that wind stays with u. Stay tuned. And don’t forget to sign up for the Duck Report prizes. Just fill out the form at the right.

The season is winding down on us. Twelve days and counting. Stay with us. We’ll be bringing you reports and a year-end wrapup at the end, along with our drawing for a $100 Simmon’s Gift Certificate. What? You haven’t signed up?