Day 48: Not many out there

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I didn’t go out this morning because of the weather and from I hear, not many others did either. We didn’t hear but a handful of reports and it was slow.

Wednesday and Thursday morning it will be frozen solid and may not thaw out enough to hunt again until mid-day Friday. That’s a tough blow this late in the season, but I’m sure some folks somewhere will find some water to hunt in. I’m betting most of the ducks are headed to the Mississippi River or other big waterbodies that won’t freeze up solid.

The good news is that when this thing thaws out, the last week or so should be really good. I’m betting that it will be on.

In the meantime, I’ve tried my hand at deer hunting. I’ve been spotting a big 170 class buck on my camera. I’ve seen him once at about 400 yards, but that was just too far to get a good shot. I didn’t go Tuesday morning and wouldn’t you know it, he showed up in the shooting lane at 7:30 a.m. on camera.  I’m hoping he tries that again tomorrow. I might just surprise him.

Stay tuned.