Day 48: Still pretty slow

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A few people are killing some ducks one day, then the next they are gone. There are some ducks in the woods, too, in places, but with potential rainy weather the next two days, that may get shut down, too.

It is pretty slim. This is the worst in our area that I have seen since I started duck hunting back in the 70’s. Even when we had the old three duck limits and a 30-day season, we did better than this.

After looking at everything, I just think the ducks stopped short of us this year so far. They have fewer ducks all around than ever except up in Missouri. The reports up there are that the area is loaded with ducks – way more than usual. The season is closed there, too, so there is no reason for them to come on down until it freezes up solid. And it hasn’t done that.

We had people hunt in two blinds yesterday. One blind killed two and the other killed three. The few people that are killing in double digits are mostly hunting way on up past noon. More ducks seem to be flying then than early.

Stay tuned. Day 60 will be here too soon. I just hope it picks up sometime before then!