Day 49: Down to the woodies

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We went off the river today hoping to find some birds, but we mostly found wood ducks. We killed a few but man, it was just stale out there. Cloudy, no wind, no ducks…it sounds like a broken record. We saw a few mallards flying but we couldn’t get them to work. It’s slow. We have rain and more cloudy days coming. It might stir them up a bit, but we honestly are not seeing any new ducks. It’s mostly the ducks that have been in the area.

My best suggestion would be if you have a hole that you have not hunted, or haven’t hunted much, that might be the best shot. The ducks just don’t want to decoy or respond to calls right now for the most part. We are going to give it a shot in the rain tomorrow and see what that looks like.

Take care out there.