Day 49: Good Morning

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IMG_0336It was a good morning. We saw quite a few ducks. We didn’t hammer them, but we had to be out by 8:30 and we killed 12 ducks, including pintails and mallards. We also had one goose and probably could have killed more.

There weren’t tons of ducks, but enough to keep us interested. That’s pretty much what I heard IMG_0342from others, too. It was dreary again, but we did have a good wind and the ducks worked well. Those that stayed later seemed to have done better. I swear of the 49 days of duck season, it seem like 47 of them of been cloudy this year.

The season started out fast, but has slowed down a bit, mainly because not enough has happened weather wise above us to drive big bunches of ducks here. Or when we did get new ducks, something happened here to send them on further south. I’m not complaining, though.

It doesn’t seem possible that Day 50 is here. Don’t miss out on chances to get in your last hunts these next two weekends.

Be safe out there.