Day 49: Looking for dry land

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Screen Shot 2020-01-15 at 6.44.14 PMThere’s a duck blind in there somewhere…

Normally during duck season, we are looking for water. That isn’t a problem around here now. We’ve had about eight inches of rain between Saturday and Tuesday and we are pumping out blinds and pulling boards trying to get water out of the duck blind and lower the fields. There is literally water everywhere. We didn’t go today and don’t know many people that did. I’m sure some folks killed some that were on the ducks and higher ground, but they are very scattered right now.

Tomorrow will be a tough day again with rain in the forecast, but after that, it should get on back down maybe by this weekend. Hopefully the weather front pushed more ducks down this way.

Looking ahead, the weather and everything else looks right for the last week of the season. maybe we’ll end up with a good week just like we started off at the beginning of the season. Wow. Every year it seems like when the season is about to end, it has only been a few weeks.  We’ve included a couple of pictures to show you what we are looking at. And it isn’t ducks…it’s water (and decoys…)

Screen Shot 2020-01-15 at 6.43.56 PM