Day 49: Soggy ducks, hunters

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One thing is for sure. The limited number of hunters who braved the rainy, soggy conditions Wednesday morning may not have killed a lot of ducks, but they got their limit of wet.  We’ve got some great hunting gear these days for weather like this, but it still is miserable out there.

It was just a bad day for duck hunting. The weather forecast for the week didn’t pan out. It rained a lot more than predicted. And it looks like Thursday morning is going to be more rain.  The new water is going to really stretch the ducks out everywhere. When they scatter, it will take us a couple of good days to get the ducks patterned again.

It’s been a good season, but I don’t want to throw in the towel just yet. Hopefully the last week  of the season will be some good weather and we’ll get the ducks back.  In the meantime, stay dry.