Day 50: A teal deal

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Screen Shot 2020-01-16 at 6.41.31 PMI didn’t go this morning but some of my guys did and they got a limit. It was a teal deal — lots of teal flying and the three of them got 18. They couldn’t’ get in a blind because of the water, but they stood at the end of the field in some coffee beans and brush and got the ducks to work. It’s normally about six inches deep there, but it was up to their waists this morning where they got the birds in.

We’ve been pumping out blinds and lowering water in a couple of fields and we are going to try it again in the morning there. There is just so much water that they have so many places to go. The backwater around the bayou and the rivers is rising pretty fast. It’s scattered the ducks for sure. They reported this morning that there were a good many ducks flying, so I’m hopeful. It sure got cold again quickly, too.

Next week is shaping up as a good one. Get your gear ready and be prepared to make that last run. Ten days to go and counting.