Day 50: Lots of late morning success

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mallardIt was so frozen up Thursday morning I went deer hunting. I didn’t see the one I was after so I came home. But I got a call from one of my buddies and he said the ducks were thick, so I grabbed my shotgun and we went in the middle of the day. Six of us killed 36 in two hours. The ducks were piled up at a big reservoir and they were coming in on the ice where we were. They knew it was starting to thaw and it was something.

We got mostly mallards and pintails. We heard the same from others. It was a good day for hunters that stayed late.

A couple of friends have been really getting them up in the middle of the day. Here’s the deal. It’s just fixing to start getting better tomorrow and I think it is going to be really, really good the last part of the second split.

Be safe out there. The ice and cold water are a hazard we aren’t much used to. It should thaw on out tomorrow, but be safe.