Day 50: More of the same

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Ten days and counting on duck season. We just have to hope for a few more good days before it comes to an end. As for today, it was a gloomy day and hunting was about like yesterday. Slow.  We were going to do some filming, but the rain cancelled that. We rode around and saw a few ducks, but not many are moving. The rain did seem to move the ducks around a little bit early this morning, but most folks had very slow hunting.

There’s always somebody who gets them, so don’t give up. It might be you.

Stay safe. Spend some time making sure your blind, gun and decoy spread are in good shape. You don’t want to get sloppy in case you do get lucky and get in on the birds.

Stay safe. And in case you missed it, look back one report. We posted the last results of the LDWF state waterfowl surveys. It pretty much says the same thing we’ve been saying. Fewer ducks. Lots of geese.

We do have some wind forecasted, but it looks like Saturday may be the only chance for sun. Weather forecast through the weekend: