Day 51: Now or never

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It’s going to be 25 degrees in the morning with 9-10 mph wind from the north. North Arkansas is half frozen over. This front that swept through the middle of the country is what we needed a month ago. The bottom line is that if they don’t come this weekend, we may not see them at all.

That’s my take on the last nine days of the duck season. There haven’t been many people hunting, but a lot of the regulars will be going back again this weekend to give it one last chance. I did talk to some folks that had been up to Illinois deer hunting and they said just what I had figured. The backwater up there is everywhere, but it’s flowing and it is not freezing over. They said in some areas you couldn’t stack another mallard in there if you tried. Seasons up there have closed, too, so there is no pressure to move the ducks.

I haven’t talked to many people anywhere that are killing ducks. There are a few killing double digits down at Wham, but they are getting teal and blackjacks. A few people along the river are having success, but access to most areas is impossible because the levees are closed.

It’s just bad. Hopefully this weekend it will get better. If not, duck hunters are going to start sounding like Saints fans:

Wait Till Next Year….