Day 51: Still thawing and lots of ducks

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Screen Shot 2018-01-19 at 8.08.54 PMWe didn’t go out until about 10 a.m. Friday, but we had a pretty good day. It was cloudy so some of the ducks would fly in and then flare off before getting in shooting range. When it is cloudy, they can see every little thing — like us in the blind and the decoys frozen in the ice.  Six of us did get 28 ducks and a speck. Half of them were mallards and a lot of pintails. That’s a good day.  We would have had an easy limit if we had a little sun, but that just didn’t happen.

We heard good reports from all over. It’s still frozen up pretty good in south Arkansas, but it has thawed a lot down around Mer Rouge. By noon Saturday, it should be pretty well thawed. I’m expecting things to bust loose the next few days. We have lots of ducks and they are itching to get back in those fields and feed. We walked out on the ice all the way to the decoys this morning and the ice didn’t even crack. We had birds trying to land on the ice and the dogs had to slide out and get the ones we shot. It was crazy.

Time’s running out on this season, but it’s lining up to be a good ending to this story. I’m thinking there will be loads of hunters and loads of ducks this weekend. Be safe out there.

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