Day 51: Yes sir! A good hunt!

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This is why we duck hunt. Well, one of the reasons. We’ve been struggling all week, but today we got in a spot that hadn’t been hunted much and we got a five-man limit this morning. It seems like everybody has been having trouble getting ducks from the fields to the river even down to top-notch places like Honey Brake.

But Friday, we got on a spot with just a few decoys in the flooded timber and limited out. There was a mix of mallards, black jack, pintail, teal and gadwalls. There weren’t ducks just everywhere, but it was enough to make our best hunt in a while. It’s enough to keep us going through the end of the season. We probably won’t hit again but once, maybe twice, but it is good to know there are some birds there.

My suggestion for you this week is that if you have some spots in the woods or small field or somewhere that hasn’t been hunted, that’s where you need to try them. The big ag fields are just tough right now. It was still a yucky morning, but the ducks wanted to get in there and we got set up just right for them. I would rather it would rain than just be misty because the ducks work better in the rain. But we had a good hunt.