Day 52: A little better

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It was cold again Saturday morning with clear skies and a good wind that grew as the morning wore on. Things were slow for many right at first, but others did really well. Apparently the south wind also brought a lot of teal back into the area because there were quite a few teal flying…and killed. It got really warm up in the day and things are expected to be about the same Sunday.

There weren’t a lot of new ducks, but the weekend hunting pressure seemed to keep ducks moving much better than the past week or so. Hunters reported some good shooting from Mer Rouge and Jones to the Hwy. 15 and Alto areas.

As we head into the last week of the season, take time to check your equipment, get your gun clean and make sure you have plenty of shells, etc. You don’t want to head down the stretch and be missing something important from your arsenal. And most importantly, a lot of hunters have been at it for more than three months counting teal season….and they are tired. Don’t get tired and make mistakes. Keep safety first!

Good luck the rest of the season as you try to rack ’em and stack ’em like this group: