Day 52: Decoy “skirters”

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Screen Shot 2018-01-20 at 6.11.55 PMIt was that kind of morning. We saw lots of ducks, but it was cloudy and still. The ducks were flying, but they were skirting the decoys. We’ve reached the point of the season that the ducks are skittish if things aren’t just right. They’d get close, but most of them got out of there before they were in range. We got 10 ducks but should have had 20. We didn’t exactly shoot like we were on the skeet team this morning.

By the time the wind had picked up and the sun came out, the ducks had pretty much quit flying. We did ride around to a couple of other blinds we’ve got nearby and it looked like we went to the wrong spot. There were quite a few ducks at those blinds and we saw quite a few mallards there. We will relocate to one of them tomorrow and see if our luck is better.

It was a mixed bag for most folks I talked to. Some did pretty good and others struggled. The good news is that it may rain tomorrow night, but it looks like the wind will blow, it will be sunny and the temperature will be cooler again next week. That should give us a good end to the season.