Day 52: Going down swinging

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We’ve fought them this long. I made up my mind today that since we’ve fought them this far, we aren’t going to quit. We may go down, but we will go down swinging. Going back in the morning and try a different place.

Saturday we had a slow morning. We saw a whole bunch of ducks, but man, they wouldn’t even look down. The ones that did would circle maybe one time, take a look and get out of there. It’s obvious these ducks aren’t flight ducks. They’ve been here a while. We did have some folks go to another blind and killed nine teal and gadwall.  We all could have killed more but we tried to get them on down over the decoys.

In the morning, if they get in shooting range, they are going to get shot at.

The duck season is about like the weather forecast. I don’t know where these guys doing the forecast got that it was going to be clear and 23 this morning, but it was 32 when we got to the blind and it was cloudy as everything. It was cold out there for sure, but not like they said. Maybe in the morning it will be better. Stay tuned. Eight days to go.