Day 52: Two days; two banded mallards

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It’s always a thrill to kill a banded mallard, but it’s a special thrill to do it two days in a row. We did that the past two days. And we had another good hunt today. We had a four-man limit of 24 early. We shot a few teal, too, and that’s why we finished early. We saw some more big ducks later, so I think the rain got them up and flying. And they worked like they are supposed to!

We had a mix of teal, mallards and a couple of other big ducks.  We heard good reports from some other groups, too.

We are headed down the home stretch. Go when you can because soon, you can’t! The season ends this weekend.

Be safe.

And remember, you can catch the Simmons’ Duck Report on KTVE news right before the sports Monday – Friday.