Day 53: It was a teal deal

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It poured on us on the way to the duck blind, but it let up in time for a good hunt. We were covered with teal this morning and got a limit because of it. We ended up with 30 ducks, 28 teal and two mallards. We saw more big ducks, but the teal were the only thing that would even look at the decoys. I think we had too big of a spread for this late at this spot. Even the spoonies ignored us.  We did kill a limit faster yesterday, but this was still pretty quick hunting. It was a great morning.

Talk about tough. We had two hunters that forgot their waders and while knee boots help, duck hunting today wasn’t easy with wet feet. We’ll just leave it at that! The good news is that Jeff’s dog, Willow, got a good workout and did a great job. The only thing better than watching ducks work the decoys is watching a good dog work the ducks after you get them on the water. It’s part of what makes this sport so great.

We’ll get after them again in the morning. Be safe out there!