Day 53: Tons of ducks; hard to work ’em in

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Screen Shot 2018-01-21 at 7.08.43 PMWe had an okay day. We saw tons of ducks. It was non stop ducks flying or working the field from daylight until 10 a.m. The only problem was it was still and cloudy and they got right up to the edge of the decoys and peeled off, never to return. Some of them would land at the end of the field or over by the road. We even got out and moved the decoys right up by the blind. It didn’t help. They still wouldn’t get close.

How many times have I said “if we only had some sun”. Well, add today to that list.  We did end up getting 20, but we had to make some long shots. It was good to see so many, but frustrating to not be able to get them in.

There are a lot of ducks here. Mostly, it’s gadwalls, but some fields have big numbers of mallards. When this rain gets out of here Sunday night and the sun comes out next week, I think it is going to be on.