Day 54: Never in my life

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See all those ducks? Me neither….

We sat in the duck blind Sunday morning and saw so many ducks it had us laughing. It was fun. We got our limit of mallards and gadwalls and got out of there with high expectations for today. There were ducks everywhere when we left Sunday.

Didn’t happen Monday, though. Never in my life – 45 years of duck hunting – have I seen so many ducks leave an area in just one day. We killed one duck. We fired one shot. It was something. I have no idea where they went.

We did see some ducks flying high, but they were way too far to even call. We didn’t see a half a percent of the ducks Monday that we saw this weekend. Unbelievable. But as I say, that’s why we call it duck hunting. Somebody somewhere got some new ducks today. Of course, there is so much water out there now and there weren’t many people hunting on a Monday, so they may not be too far away.  A few people I talked to killed a few ducks, but they had to stay all morning to do it. They were really few and far between.

We will try another spot tomorrow and let you know. Be safe.