Day 54: New ducks, old teal

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We had several reports today of lots of new ducks flying into the area, because they were working real well. It was also a good, cold day with bright blue skies and a bit of wind, which is ideal. Hunters had better luck today than in a while and for the most part, I’m hoping it stays that way for the rest of the week.

The season ends Sunday and I’m planning on getting back after them this week big time. Besides the “new” ducks, there are also a lot of teal in the area, apparently coming back to northern areas in big numbers. Personally, I’ll take the teal and be glad to get a limit quickly instead of having to stay until past noon for good shooting. There will probably be less pressure the next few days, but hopefully the ducks will still be on the move.

Stay tuned here to find out. Seven days and counting on the 2104-15 season.