Day 54: Nobody wants to go

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Screen Shot 2016-01-12 at 7.04.18 PMWe had somebody go to one of our best blinds this morning. He had to go by himself because nobody even wants to go. He didn’t fire a shot.

That’s bad folks. Real bad. I said Friday that if that super cold front didn’t make it happen this past Saturday and Sunday, it wasn’t going to happen at all. It didn’t happen.

I’m afraid it isn’t going to happen at all. We’ve still got a few days and can’t give up, but it is awful hard to get excited about what we’ve got.

It’s going to rain Tuesday and by the closing weekend, it’s going to be 75 degrees again. Wow. The East Zone season closes Sunday afternoon.

The store is usually full of duck hunters the last week. I didn’t even see a single person in the store wearing camo today. That’s bad for duck hunting and bad for business. Nothing else I can say.