Day 55: Not too sporty

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Day 55: Not too sporty



Well, it is no surprise, but duck hunting was not too sporty Tuesday. Kind of like the whole season, I guess. We killed seven, but about 8 a.m., the ducks just go away. They disappear. The ones we have here, and there aren’t that many, just have somewhere to sit up and get away from the hunting pressure. Part of it is the full moon.

I’ve got a friend who decided maybe the ducks are flying in the middle of the day so he went out at 9 a.m. By noon, he hadn’t seen a duck. You can mark that theory off the list.

I wish I had something to say, but at this rate, the only positive thing is that the season and our misery will come to an end this Sunday. Isn’t that awful?

It looks like Wednesday will be a washout unless the weatherman is totally wrong. There aren’t enough ducks to get me out in the rain after them.

Be safe out there.