Day 55: Water and ducks fell out

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We were pretty hopeful today that we would do some good this morning, but it didn’t happen. The ducks had filled  up one of our fields Monday and we thought we’d have some good shooting today, but it didn’t happen. A lot of the water fell out and the ducks went away with the water. I’m not sure where they are going or what they are doing. We thought we had some located and it was a perfect day — sunny, windy and it was cold. Man, was it cold. They said it was around 26 but that wind chill put it down about 20 or lower.

There are still some people killing ducks, but limits are rare. We were fortunate that more shallow water didn’t freeze up, but I think the wind kept the ice to just around the edges and the small potholes. We’ll try again Wednesday.

Five days to go. That would sound like bad news, but the way things have been, it may be a good thing. Give it your best shot. Wednesday should be a good day. Thursday is looking like a washout. I’m not going to sit out there in 30 degree weather in the rain unless I see  lot more ducks coming from somewhere. Be safe out there and make sure your gear is good to go.