Day 55: We found them

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Screen Shot 2017-01-24 at 7.06.47 PMAfter several great hunts recently, we had a one-duck hunt Monday. We didn’t even see many ducks. But on Tuesday, we found them again. Or they found us.

It was a great morning. Sunny. Windy. And even though we didn’t have tons of ducks, we had some good shooting and got a four-man limit of 24 ducks plus four specks. All four specks were singles who were way out, but when they heard the call, the locked up and came to us feet first. We had a few more that we should have shot, but tried to get them in too close and they flared.

As for the ducks, we had about half mallards and pintails. The ducks that we had worked well and I’m hoping the ones we left stick around a few days. If you’ve hunted as much as I have, I know you are tired, but time is running out. Tough it out these last few days and go get ’em.

And be safe.