Day 56: Tough with a capital T

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It was tough today. Tough with a capital T. We saw a few birds, but couldn’t get them to work. Even the teal wouldn’t look at us today. I don’t know. It was just one of those days. We’ve got a pretty good plan for the last few days of the season and we are letting a couple of spots rest until then, but we are getting close. We were hoping to finish off the year with some great hunts and great reports, but we aren’t there yet. And time is running out.

The weather looks promising Thursday and Friday with some sun and a little wind. Maybe that will help. We did also talk to some folks up north of us that are killing a few more birds. Maybe some of those ducks will come on down here.  Right now the problem is we don’t have many ducks and they’ve seen every kind of blind and heard every kind of call.  When there’s no wind, it’s just tough. Here’s hoping for a better tomorrow.

Be safe out there. Here’s a look at the end of the season weather forecast: