Day 56: We’ve got a lot of ducks

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screen-shot-2016-11-30-at-8-44-59-amWe’ve got a lot of ducks. Plenty to keep us busy through the weekend, when the season ends Sunday in the East Zone. We saw tons of ducks today. They are a little hard to work especially when there isn’t any wind. It was still this morning until about 8 o’clock, but we got a few along the way.

There were only three of us this morning, but we got 18 ducks — six mallards, three pintails and the rest gadwall and teal. We had to work for them. We just kept getting a few here and there. They won’t come in to the decoys at all. You just have to get them in shooting range and take your shot. Getting them to put their feet down, lock up and come into the decoys just isn’t happening.

Take good shots, but don’t want too late to take ’em.