Day 57: Good day for a duck

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Thursday was a good day to be a duck. But maybe not to be a duck hunter.

We’ve got some reports of a few ducks killed on up in the morning, but between the rain, the cloudy weather and the general lack of new ducks, it’s tough. Most of the ducks here have seen so many blinds and so many decoys you aren’t likely to get one to go feet down into the decoy spread. There’s more and more water, too, and when there isn’t pressure to get them up and flying, they can just stay put.

But we have to make the best of what we’ve got left, which after today is three more days. Go get ’em, but be safe out there. At least the weather looks better Friday and Saturday and maybe Sunday early. I hope you close the duck season book on 2019-20 with a good chapter!

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