Day 57: Had to wait them out

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screen-shot-2016-11-30-at-8-44-47-amWe got 23 ducks Thursday, but we had to wait them out. It took us until 11 a.m. That’s a long time from legal shooting hours. But it was a good hunt. No big wads of ducks, but we had enough to keep us interested.

They didn’t really work like I thought they would. Conditions were good, but these were apparently ducks that have been around for a while and were a bit decoy and blind shy. We had Brad Shore and Chris Griffin and their boys down from Realtree so I’m glad we got some ducks, even if we had to work for them.

We killed a mixed bag – gadwalls, widgeons, pintails, teal. But not many mallards today. We had been seeing mostly mallards but they went somewhere else on us. Friday we are going to try a different spot where my farmer friend is telling me there were a lot of birds today. We’ll see and let you know here tomorrow.

Stay tuned. Hard to believe it, but there are three days left to the 2016-17 duck season. Get after ’em.