Day 57: Optimism is waning

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Day 57: Optimism is waning


We had hoped this last week of the season was going to make up for some of the earlier terrible weeks. Optimism is waning, if not gone, for that to happen. Thursday was a bust. I talked to two different hunters that hunted opposite ends of the parish. Neither fired a shot.

One of the best blinds on Hwy. 15 this morning had one ducks. Areas with multiple blinds reported a few kills but a few zeroes. It’s just not good.

The bad news is they aren’t killing much up north in Arkansas either except a few teal. What has happened is that it never got cold enough to freeze up in the north. They don’t even have snow all over south Canada. Those ducks are only going to come as far south as they have to. This season is just a washout, but by next year things could totally turn around and we’ll forget this one.

Three days left. If you are a duck hunter, you might as well go and make the best of it. You never know when a couple of good groups will pick your decoys and make a good hunt.

Be safe out there.

Photo- Brandon Fien