Day 58: Another tough day

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We’ve still got enough ducks to scratch out a limit, but the last couple of days have been tough. We had bunches of ducks earlier, but it seems like they headed out for somewhere else.

We’re still able to get enough ducks close enough to make hunting worthwhile, but limits have been a lot tougher to get the past two days. And it looks like with all the rain Saturday, it may stay that way. The good news with the rain is that it shouldn’t get heavy until close to noon, so that’s a bright spot. Sunday should be a good, windy day. The big question is how many ducks will we have. Maybe some more new ones will come our way for the last day.

It’s now or never for duck hunters. We’ve got two more days, so make the best of them wherever you are hunting. And as always, stay safe out there. No duck hunt is worth getting injured over.  Thanks for following the Simmons’ Duck Report. It doesn’t seem like we are closing in on the end of the season, but it’s here.