Day 58: Fun, but tough

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Screen Shot 2017-01-27 at 4.12.05 PMWe had a fun day Friday, but hunting was tough. It may be that way through the last two days. We killed 17 ducks and two geese, but we had to hunt until 11:30.  Here’s the funny thing. We had one big drove come in and we killed eight out of that one bunch. That’s highly unusual. If we wouldn’t have had that moment, it would have been a pretty sad morning. These are all ducks that have been here and they know the drill. They are real shy about coming in to the decoys.

We had pretty good conditions with sunny cold weather. We could have used a bit more wind, but we ended up doing okay. I’m not complaining because it’s been pretty good all year. I can stand anything these last two days. We still had our guests from Realtree and had fun shooting and just being outdoors. It’s typical last weekend type conditions with the ducks.

Two more days, folks. There are lots of ducks in the area, so hopefully there will be lots of duck hunters out to keep the birds moving and we’ll have some good hunts. We do have lots and lots of water and the ducks are scattered. There aren’t a lot of new ducks either. You know me. I’m going whether it’s good, bad or ugly. I’m hoping for the first of those choices!