Day 58: Memory served us well

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Day 58: Memory served us well



I went home to the house after work yesterday, sat around and thought about this tough deal we’ve been having. We always pull a rabbit out of our hat and do something to kill some ducks. Then it came to me. Boom. What I had been forgetting to do when I’m in this fix.

I called somebody else who had some ducks.

I asked if we could go with them. It worked. We nailed them. We got a limit of 24 and we could have done it a lot earlier, but we kept waiting hoping to get some more mallards. We ended up with 10 gadwalls, 8 pintails and six mallards. Why didn’t I think of this earlier?

The last two days may be a challenge, but it is the last two days, so go get ’em. And if you don’t have any ducks but some of your buddies do, maybe you should call them. Good luck.

Be safe!