Day 58: Rain, fast ducks..and another winner!

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image-34The rain was pretty bad, but the cold was really bad this morning, mostly because of that howling north wind. The ducks that were flying up from the south into the wind had all they could do just to fly. I don’t know if they couldn’t hear or just ignored us, but we had bunches of ducks that we had no luck getting in shooting distance. Some of them got 20-30 yard away from shooting range and weren’t very high, but they never missed a beat.

image-32And the ones flying with the wind, well, they were going so fast you had no chance to get a decent shot. Despite all that, we got 10 ducks and one speck, but it was frustrating. We saw lots of ducks, but conditions were just not good. We left about 8:30. so we may have missed some action, but we had enough. We’ll get after them the next two days.

Saturday and Sunday should be much better. If the forecast is correct, the rain should be gone for the last two days of the season. I hope so. My favorite weather for hunting is blue skies and a good wind, about 6-8 mph.

Our third and final regular season Duck Report reader contest winner was chosen today. It’s image-33Rob Green of Shreveport, Louisiana. His name was chosen at random from the readers who entered the contest. He wins a Mojo Baby Mallard duck decoy. Rob is a native of Bastrop. You can still enter for the GRAND PRIZE, a $100 gift certificate to Simmon’s Sporting Goods. Just to to the box at the right of this page that size “Win Prizes” and fill out the info. You could be the big winner. Somebody is going to be!

Two days and counting in the 2014-15 season….don’t miss them.