Day 59: Saturday results were slim

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We always hope the end of duck season will be something special, but sometimes the season just goes out with a whimper. Saturday was weak. We killed ten teal and a speck, not what we were hoping for. But we’ve seen worse days. It was the same with pretty much everybody we talked to. Six here, eight there, 10 here….it wasn’t a good morning.

Sunday’s the last day so we’ve got to give it a shot. We are going to a spot we haven’t hunted but a couple of times and hope the ducks are in there. That seems to be the best deal if you’ve got that option. Whatever you do, be safe and go try and get ’em.


After the regular season closes in the East Sunday,  Jan. 31,  there are two more duck days for special groups in the East Zone. Make sure you follow regulations and are up -to -date on the requirements if you participate. There’s a Youth only hunt February 6 and a Veterans only hunt February 7.