Day 59: This is why we duck hunt!

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Saturday morning we had beautiful weather, we had a good wind, good hunting buddies and lots of ducks. Days like this are why we duck hunt! A friend had called and said they had lots of ducks up at Wilmot, so we headed up that way. Four of us went and we killed almost all big ducks:  16 greenheads, four pintails and two gadwalls by 8 a.m. We had barely started shooting when we realized we could take our time and basically just pick out the greenheads. That was sweet. It was a great morning.

Even when we were out picking up the decoys, we still had mallards circling over our heads IMG_0354looking for a place to go. You’d have to have an awfully good trip to top this one and it was really a good one for the end of the season. It will be hard to match or top this one tomorrow on the last day of he season in the East Zone. But we’ll be out there trying.

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