Day 6: A “rabbit” and some ducks

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Screen Shot 2017-11-23 at 11.33.16 AMEvery year we take some of the family on a duck hunt on Thanksgiving morning. The family keeps getting bigger but we keep getting ducks. Nephews, kids, brother-in-laws and  other family members, some of us always have a big hunt. And no matter what we have been doing, it seems like we always pull a “rabbit” out of the hat and have a great hunt on this day. Thank goodness, this year was no exception. As you probably know duck hunting has been a bit slow. In fact, we killed more geese than ducks yesterday. I wasn’t too sure what would happen today. But we went up to Shiloh Farm and…

The “rabbit” showed up again. Six of us killed 36 ducks and 10 specks. It was a pile of birds when we finished the morning. And the geese just made it special. They are starting to think I’m really good at this. I hope I don’t ever let them down.

It wasn’t that way for everybody. We had reports of people killing eight or ten, but not a lot of big bunches. We had tons of ducks flying and I don’t know where they came from. We had mallards, teal, gadwalls and pintails. And we even killed a banded snow goose. This was a hunt to be thankful for, for sure.

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Be safe out there.