Day 60: It’s over

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Never in my memory have I missed the last day of duck season. Until Sunday. We never go hunting in the afternoon, but on the last day, we often go out in the evening and hunt until sunset. Not this year. After Saturday, we had enough.

Hunting for us has been really poor. I’m glad it’s over. And I’ve never said that before in 40 something years that I can remember.

Some folks killed a few ducks in the woods this weekend, but successful hunts were few and far between. Since Christmas, we’ve struggled to have good hunts. We had a few, but nothing consistent.

The first split was pretty good and we had a lot of limits. Even if we didn’t limit, we killed some ducks. But lately, it’s been tough.

I appreciate everyone who reads the Duck Report and hope you had a good season. Thanks for following us and for depending on Simmons’ Sporting Goods for your hunting and outdoor needs. We appreciate you!