Day 60: The sun sets on another season

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ooiToday the sun set on Day 60, signalling the end of another Louisiana duck season. When it was all said and done, it was a much better season than last year. We killed four or five times as many ducks this year as last year. It was tough the last week because there was just so much water. And there just weren’t any new ducks coming down. We didn’t have the weather to drive big numbers of birds our way during the last part of the season. It was an excellent year for geese, which is a good bonus. As for the ducks, on the slow days we seemed to scratch out enough teal to make hunting worthwhile. The last day saw scattered success, mostly in the woods if the hunters were in the right spot. There was lots of water but not many ducks.

It wasn’t the best season we ever had but it sure wasn’t the worst. I think everybody felt the same way for the most part.

I’ve washed up all my gear and loaded up the truck to go spend the week in Texas deer hunting. I’m looking forward to a few days where the hunting is a little easier and I don’t have to rush to get back into work. You’d think as much time as we hunt and work at the store, we wouldn’t want to go hunting on vacation, but I can’t think of anything I’d rather do.

We’ll close out this year’s report with a big “THANK YOU” to our Simmons’ Duck Report Readers and our loyal customers at the store. Thank you for your support and your business. We couldn’t do it without you.