Day 60: What a season

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ducksWe only killed three ducks Sunday morning, but we got back into the geese. We killed 12 specklebellies, so that made it a good hunt. The ducks were just few and far between. We had quite a few yesterday, but they just were not there this morning.

Day 60. In same ways, I’m glad it’s over because we hunt long and hard. We need to recharge our batteries. But at the same time I’m sad it’s over. The East Zone ended Sunday at sunset.

One thing is for sure, it’s been a great season. We killed three times as many ducks this year as we did last year and the mix was

Boss surveys the situation
Boss surveys the situation

great. We killed 50% mallards and that is very unusual for the rice fields. It’s usually around 20%. And the geese. Wow. We killed around four times as many specks this year as usual. Overall, I’d say it’s been better this year than in the past 10 years.

Now comes some of the hard part – picking up everything, getting everything cleaned up and putting everything in order. A little work now taking care of things pays big dividends later, though. Don’t put it off, especially when it comes to taking care of your guns and equipment.

Thanks for following the Duck Report. We at Simmons’ Sporting Goods in Bastrop enjoy bringing it to you. We’ll be doing a Turkey Report starting soon. Stay tuned. And be safe out there.

PS  –  Make plans to come see us on Saturday, March 4th for the winners of the annual Simmons’ Big Buck Contest. About 90% of the hunters that killed big ones will bring them back for the day and there are tons of prizes and fun. Come see us.