Day 7: Few ducks, many shoppers!

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Not much to report today. There apparently weren’t that many ducks killed Friday morning, but there were plenty of people trying. This is usually a big weekend for duck hunters with the holidays. But things aren’t what we have hoped for. We did have lots of people getting geared up for hunting and Christmas. It was a super busy day at the store and we are grateful for that. We appreciate our customers and want to do anything we can to make your hunting experience a pleasure and successful.

It’s the first day we did not get to go to the blind because of the big shopping day.

We talked to dozens of hunters and found mixed success. Some of the rice field produced good kills early, but some didn’t. There was also good success at McGowan Brake and some of the areas off Hwy. 15. We need a good cold front to bring us some more ducks.

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