Day 7: Teal week?

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It’s hard to believe the first week of duck season has come and gone. Seven days. They haven’t been great, but we’ve had far worse!  If we had to label it, we’d call it “Teal Week” because that is what most people have been killing everywhere in northeast Louisiana. Some have been hammering them and some have been getting skunked, but that is the way it usually is in duck hunting. Cold weather coming early next week should bring some wind, more water and a few more big ducks our way.

Friday was super foggy again and the rain didn’t help anything. A few folks still shot some, but it was a tough day. There are still a lot of geese being shot. This weekend may be a little bit better. If you go, shoot some ducks and have fun. And be safe.

One cool thing about the holidays is that it is a great time to go on family hunting trips. We’ve got quite a few hunters visiting the store and sharing about their family trips. We shared one yesterday with you. If you missed it, scroll back down to yesterday’s report. It was a good one for our family. It’s great to be in the blind with friends and family. It’s also great to see all the folks getting a chance to take the young ones, too, as a lot of you have been doing. These are the ones that will continue to preserve our resources and our sport! We’ll share a few photos of some of those below:

Screen Shot 2020-11-27 at 6.13.54 PM