Day 8: Wasn’t great

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We had high hopes of a good day Saturday, but ended up with a sad story. We went back to the blind where we killed 36 earlier in the week and only got five ducks on Day 8.  There was just nothing there. The geese wouldn’t even look. It was overcast early and no wind so that didn’t help, but the real deal was there just aren’t many ducks.

I bet we didn’t see a hundred ducks on the water or in the air the whole morning. It may have been better later, but we didn’t stay long. I think that isscreen-shot-2016-11-20-at-11-30-47-am the story of this first split. Some folks have some ducks some days, but most don’t. Arkansas closes today and so that will give them a break up there, but that isn’t good news for us. They won’t have any reason to fly on down here.

We’ve got a week left in the first split. While it isn’t great, it’s better to go than not to go. You might be one of the lucky ones the ducks choose! So hang in there. And hope for some water before the second split. We sure could use some.